Al Takaful Alsehi Company

A specialized company working in the field of providing medical services and health care to public and private bodies, unions, cooperatives, charities and individuals in all segments of the society to ensure and provide a distinguished level of services to members of these bodies and their families. The health care program offered by Al Takaful Alsehi Health Care is one of the most important programs for workers in this field.

We aim to connect with as many people as possible from all over the Kingdom, enabling everyone to access our network and share our experiences with other patients through our multiple forums. We will also help them find the information they want about the best doctors, hospitals and medical services using comprehensive guide books.

Al Takaful Alsehi Health Care Program

The most powerful cash treatment card in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf is based on the idea of direct cash discount at the best and lowest prices (up to 80% discount) in the medical field of bodies, companies and individuals in all medical specialties, surgery, surgery, radiation, medicines.

Takaful Arab Health Care Program

Al Takaful Alsehi is committed to making immediate and long-term health services available and affordable by providing discount while maintaining high quality and helping customers meet their health care needs. Al takaful Alsehi Healthcare Card will be a bridge of interest and care for you and your family. Our clients will benefit from the highest levels of affordable medical and healthcare services.

Best Medical and Health care Service provider in Saudi Arabia

Medical services and health care

  • Our customers benefit from a discount of up to 80% on a long list of clinics, medical centers, standard hospitals, nursing services and eye specialists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Our customers do not need to provide any papers with Al Takaful Alsehi Health Care Card other than proof of identity.
  • The card can be used immediately upon receipt.
  • The Card is used indefinitely without any other restrictions.
  • The membership card includes one person.
  • Do membership directly without any waiting period.

Our Mission

Providing quality health care at the best prices and within the reach of the largest sector of the health service seekers through partnership with a group of the best service providers from the medical bodies and bodies in order to achieve the health, service and material return for those who desire health service and medical care.


Our Vision

Al Takaful Alsehi Healthcare is the first and best partner in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf for those who wish to have excellent and successful health care by all standards.

Join Us now at Al Takaful Al Sehi Program.